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    Welcome Japan
    Coming three days to learn different cultures, styles and teaching skills can be a little awkward when you’re from
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    Lysol emergency!
    Make sure you’re washing your hands and staying healthy, flu season is here. The flu is a highly contagious viral
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    Ten tardies puts you on time out
    It’s the second semester into the school year, and there has been some changes to the tardy and truancy policy. This w
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    Youth court gives students a second chance
    Most people believe when someone does something bad, or against the law they shouldn’t receive a second chance, howeve
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    Hello cyber web
    The Musket has taken a big step into the world of technology. They have introduced an online version of The Musket. The
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    A change in the bells
    Students are not aware of the new bell schedule that might be happening in the future–possibly in the ’19-&#

Campus Beat

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    A night in paradise
    A special night full of elegant dresses, music and a delightful meal is the night that takes place once a year. Navy Jun
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    Welcome to the jungle
    Spring rally kicks off with its “Welcome to the jungle” theme, as the first ever dual rally. Spring sports b
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    OG’s newest star
    Transformed from a once quiet, shy girl to a determined, inspiring young woman, Maria Martinez took the stage. Martinez
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    Text book tragedies
    There is a stress a student feels when they receive a damaged book. Did they know there was writing in the pages or that
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    Teachers do more than teach
    Teachers are working hard to educate students and to make them succeed. However, that’s not what they only do.  
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    The season of AP exams is around the corner
    A fee waiver is like a coupon. With Advanced Placement exams season around the corner, low income students are provided


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    Grades do not measure intelligence
    In the United States, grades have a lot of weight on students lives. Students depend on teachers to communicate to them
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    Senior blues
    Senior year, the year that’s suppose to be full of fun events. But the issue is that no one wants to participate. Asso
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    Stay away from the big bad school
    Rumors and stereotypes that affect enrollment in schools could not be more unpleasant to listen to. In the past six year
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    The farm is being replaced by Cal-SAFE
    Making way for toddlers and babies, the former agricultural program site is to be replaced with a new support facility f



The Orange Glen Musket is a student run publication advised by Jessica Young and Maria Martinez and Anahi Martinez as Co-Editors in Chief. Our staff consists of a wide variety of students of many different backgrounds that work hard to inform the student body.


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    Are you addicted?
    Addiction doesn’t have to be on a drug, it can be on almost anything. Although it is not officially recognized as
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    Gap Year Benefits!
    Students have been conformed to view attending college or joining the workforce as the only options after high school an
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    It’s the end of the f***ing world
    The End of the F***ing World is happening right now, on Netflix of course. Originally airing on Oct. 27, 2017 in the Uni
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    The history behind the day of love
    Although Valentine’s Day is considered a romantic day to give flowers, candy, chocolates and gifts to the loved on
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    After high school tips
    There is a list of things that students don’t learn in school; how to read a lease, how to file taxes, how to make a d


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    The Beyonce and Rihanna of OG
    With every generation comes people known to be iconic and inspiring. In this case it was Orange Glen’s Dance Compa
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    How to be safe on the internet
    Most people who live in modern society use the internet. To have access to the repository of all human knowledge is, aft
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    HYM the Rapper
    He has dance moves like no other person, rap lines like no other and mismatched, knee-high stilettos like no other. Elij
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    Electives and schools
    Electives, the classes that are the difference in schools. One school may offer an auto class, but another school offers

The Project for Better Journalism is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening student journalism programs across the country. We support publications just like this one.

Orange Glen Musket is produced and updated by students at this school, and supported by a faculty advisor.

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