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After high school tips

There is a list of things that students don’t learn in school; how to read a lease, how to file taxes, how to make a dentist appointment. High school prepares students for college it doesn’t prepare students how to live on their own. So while most students leave high school knowing that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. They also leave high school with no clue about what’s going to happen next. For some college is the next step and their first taste of independence. It will be the first time that they will live on their own and are responsible of everything in their life. From learning new ideas to learning how to properly wash a pair of jeans life after high school is something most students learn on their own.

“No one’s going to have their life together right after high school. We don’t really learn how to do anything important,” Sabrina Luevano, 10, said.

Learning how to budget should be a priority understanding how to properly manage money is one of the first steps towards successfully living alone. When creating a budget a person should keep in mind how much they want to spend and how much they want to save. Two basic human needs are shelter and food, so after setting aside money for the monthly bills deciding on how much to spend on food is next. Eating out every night adds up quickly, learning how to cook makes eating cheaper and healthier. There are many resources to learn how to cook there’s videos, classes and food subscription boxes. Creating a budget will make it easier to save money for a rainy day.

“It’s really hard to budget when your young because all you want to do is spend your money. You earned it and you want to spend it,” Zulema Bernal, 11, said

Learning important personal information is a necessary step to independence keeping important documents in a safe place will make it easier to fill out important forms. Make a copies of your birth certificate, learn your social security number, and make a copy of the lease. Keeping everything in the same place will make it easier to find when needed.  Organizing papers together and in the same place keeps things accessible and easy to take in case of an emergency. Living alone will be a challenge, but there’s always people to go to for help.

“We can live on our own and still call home for help,’’ Sarah Hernandez, 11, said.