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It’s the end of the f***ing world

The End of the F***ing World is happening right now, on Netflix of course. Originally airing on Oct. 27, 2017 in the United Kingdom, the dark-comedy series became internationally available on Netflix on Jan. 5. TEOTF grasped the attention and adoration of millions of binge-watchers and reviewers almost as soon as it aired with its unique sociopathic, rebellious killer love story. So far the eight-part series only has one season, but that was all it needed to get the viewers hooked until the very end.

The series revolves around two teenagers. There’s James, a shy, self-diagnosed psychopath that wants to murder. Then there’s Alyssa, a loud, rebellious troublemaker from a dreadful home that wants an escape. After a bad day for Alyssa leads her to James’s house to hookup, meanwhile James secretly plans to murder her, the two venture off on their own to escape their suburban lifestyle for something more exciting.

“I feel like the show is trying to give James and Alyssa the characteristics of what adults think teenagers are like as in the rude crazy stereotype,” Cesar Hernandez, 12, said.

After the adrenaline rush of running away wears off and they accidentally crash their car, the real adventure begins. At first having no clue where to go, they eventually make the decision to find Alyssa’s biological father, believing he can shelter them. The excitement, heartbreak and intensity grabs the viewer’s attention throughout their journey and is consistent up to the end.

“[The show is] weird but good. I felt bad for James by the end cause he started off so strong…he was so set on killing Alyssa and it was funny cause he’s like ‘Should I do it? Now? No. How about now?’,” Lydia Twigg, 11, said

Along their journey James and Alyssa meet a variety of people that seek to harm or befriend them, commit petty crimes and reveal their tragic pasts, all while being hunted by detectives for murder. As the police draw nearer, the intensity builds up and more secrets are exposed, furthering the drama, comedy and darkness that are unique to the series.

“[TEOTFW] really had two exact opposites as the main characters and I liked that. James was all anti-social but kinda crazy and Alyssa was just really troubled. It was cool seeing them interact,” Domnick Vargas, 10, said

TEOTFW is the roller coaster of emotions that many teenagers face, just with more murderous thoughts. Two extremes, James and Alyssa, go down a rabbit hole of mischief until the consequences catch up with them. The series is expecting a second season to pick up where the story last left off on a cliffhanger to reveal James’s fate,who was last seen running away as as the screen faded to black and a single gunshot echoed.