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Senior blues

Senior year, the year that’s suppose to be full of fun events. But the issue is that no one wants to participate. Associated Student Body, or ASB, provides these events for the students and no one attends.

“We usually try to ask people on either social media or the people around us on how to plan the events. We just take in suggestions and then go from there on what we think would be fun,”  ASB senior class president, Joanna Rodriguez said.

The issue is that students are giving suggestions but are not showing up. Suggestions, such as voting in the polls on if they should have a certain kind of event or not on the senior instagram account. Seniors always complain about the events but yet never participate in their own suggestions or answer the polls the senior instagram gives them. With the seniors having opportunities to help make events makes you wonder why they don’t participate even when they input their own ideas.

“I don’t participate because the events didn’t seem as fun as I’ve seen them be in the past years. There’s some I could of gone to but I feel like it was only targeted to certain groups at the school,  like quote on quote “cool” kids,” Olivia Albarran, 12, said.

Although it may feel like the events are targeted to a certain group, it also just has to do with not enough seniors participating overall. With everyone having that same idea in mind leads to not enough participation. The events might not come off as fun to some of the seniors but if they realize that more of them participate then it’ll be more of an exciting event. Even though not so many seniors participate, at least some try to make the best of it and take advantage of their final year of high school.

“I will continue making events for those that show up. These events are for them and if only a few show and have fun then my time and dedication I spent on planning the event is well worth it,” Rodriguez said.