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Ten tardies puts you on time out

It’s the second semester into the school year, and there has been some changes to the tardy and truancy policy. This will affect many students who don’t show up to school on time or at all. Changing the rules this semester might not affect students who don’t care about it since it wasn’t enforced earlier. Yet, Orange Glen has the least tardies as of 2016 – 2017, 300 less than Escondido High School and 200 less than San Pasqual.

“I think students should not be assigned Saturday school, maybe a warning so they can know teachers are bothered by them coming in tardy. Also, I think this shouldn’t be enforced because students show up to class, and they have decent grades. Yes it’s annoying but students still come to learn even if they come late,” Adilene Gomez, 12, said.

School starts at 7:45, still many students come late to their class. Tardies had increased over the years, so new changes had to be made. There was a total 1,941. Now, starting with five tardies, teachers are supposed to notify your parents and write a referral. If students have more than ten tardies to any class, they will be assigned Saturday school. If they don’t attend Saturday school a security guard will come and take them out of class before lunch. For they can serve a lunch detention supervised by teachers or administration.

“An absence from school without the guardians or school’s permission establishes a truant. The student who is truant will be subject to one or more of the following consequences after school detention, Saturday School; parent conference, referral to the North County School Attendance Review Board,” Head of Escondido Union District said.