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The Beyonce and Rihanna of OG

With every generation comes people known to be iconic and inspiring. In this case it was Orange Glen’s Dance Company members Marcos Loaiza and Quinton Wofford. All around campus they are known to be iconic figures and inspiring to their fellow classmates. Here around school they are the Beyonce and Rihanna of OG. However, every great icon has a backstory of who they came to be today.

Loaiza’s Background

Loaiza grew up in San Marcos until the 4th grade when he moved to Escondido. Throughout his life he dealt with bullying in school. During those times it was very hard for him to be himself, until he decided enough was enough.

“I started worrying less about what others thought of me and just worried about what I thought of myself,” Loaiza, 11, said. “This is how I gained the confidence I have today.”

With the support of his sister, he looked for ways to express himself. That’s where his love for dance came in.


Loaiza has been a member of Dance Company for two years now. It has been a way for him to show off his big personality. However, not only does he do this through dance, but as well as fashion. He likes to express himself through clothing, that sometimes words don’t do justice. A person he looks up to is Miss Rihanna herself.

“Rihanna has the best style on Earth in my opinion, and when she dresses she abides to no rules in fashion. I aspire to be like Rihanna,” Loaiza said.

Between him and Wofford, he considers himself to be more like Rihanna. And just like her he supports the stop and awareness of bullying.

Standing up against bullying

Loaiza’s passion has been towards putting a stop to bullying, since he knows how it feels like to go through it.

“I know how it feels to constantly be put down about certain things and I know the effects it has on people,” Loaiza said.

He would also like to bring awareness on the issue of suicide, that’s caused by bullying and depression. He believes it’s important to spread the word about how much bullying could hurt someone’s life. He believes people should be free to be themselves and show off their personality. However, Loaiza isn’t the only icon here.

Wofford’s Background

Wofford grew up in Vista when he was younger, but later moved to Escondido when he was in the fifth grade and has lived here since then. He lives with both his parents and has had a pretty reasonable life with its own ups and downs. Although he hasn’t had the best childhood, it wasn’t unbearable for him. All with the help of dance and cheer, he found a way to enjoy life and help him though the hard times.

The life of a cheerleader and dancer

Wofford has been an ongoing member of Dancing Company for the last three years and is part of not only the varsity cheerleading squad, but as well as the competitive varsity cheer team. With all the practices and rehearsals, it be hard to step in his shoes to do it all.

“I needed an outlet and a way to of expression,” Wofford, 12, said “I found it through both.”

His passion has been and will continue on to be towards dance and cheer. Even though it’s Wofford’s last year of Dance Company and cheer, doesn’t mean it’s the end of his dancing days.

What’s next?

Loaiza and Wofford have brought out the best of themselves through their passion of dance. Even when high school comes to an end that will not be the last we heard from these two iconic students. Just like Beyonce and Rihanna they’re queens and the definition of self-expression. Now all is left is to wait and see what the future beholds of them.