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Free & reduced lunch

Several students expecting a normal lunch this year encountered an unexpected issue: instead of a free lunch, they’re charged. One small change in the Free and Reduced lunch program has made this a commonplace, making food unavailable to many students unable to afford the price of lunch. That change took place when the of the Student Nutrition Manager Beverly Berk retired. After Berk left the job, a new manager had to be chosen, and Ron Gil was appointed. As the new Student Nutrition Manager he was now in charge of going over all the free and reduced applications, which over 87 percent of the school has applied to.

“I don’t know the exact reason why the Free and Reduced lunch qualifying cost changed, but I suspect it may have to do with the removal of reduced lunch and everyone who qualifies, instead of getting completely free food,” said Ryan Chesire the AVID Counselor.

Students used to qualify for free lunch at a household income of $1,287 monthly per person or reduced at a at a household income of $1,832 monthly per person. This new change in exact qualifying cost is not yet decided. This has resulted in students not qualifying for school lunch, although their family income didn’t change.