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Welcome to the jungle

Grab the face paint because the rallies have sprung back into action. On March 16, two rallies were held in the gym. Past rallies only allowed a portion of the student body to participate, because the gym is not big enough to hold all students. In order to try and get students more involved, ASB decided to experiment with a schedule that would allow them to conduct two rallies, where half the campus would attend each one. This new system may not be permanent, but it allows the school to build up spirit and pride while maintaining the same schedule. Experimenting with two rallies allowed more students to take part in the games and get more involved.

“[Our goal is to] hype everyone up to come out to rallies and build a legacy. [We want to] have an OG where everyone feels welcome and loved. It will be cool to see the teachers joining in and checking out all the hard work ASB puts in the rally,” ASB President, Karely Amaya said.

On March 7, members of ASB leadership and ASB Adviser, Brian Gallo met with administrators to discuss the pros and cons of a dual rally system. During the first 10 minutes of the meeting, Gallo, along with ASB Treasurer Noah Lopez and Amaya shared how they came to planning out the rally and other ideas. Having two rallies meant that ASB had to plan when teachers went, look over any problems with student release, or any issues with the rally schedule. The schedule for the day didn’t really change much. Rather than having a single release time for the rally, when some students would attend and others would remain in classes for tutorial. The dual schedule just placed each rally at the start of a period and again at the end. Teachers and students were only impacted by the rally they were attending.

“The rally is going to be the same, essentially. We are trying to build up the spirit and the culture of the school,” Gallo said.

When planning for two rallies, the main focus was making the event more enjoyable while not having to sit on the gym floor or in crowded stands. Gallo hoped the rally would go well since it could make a big difference in school culture. The chosen spirit week theme for the rally week was jungle. During the spirit week, students and teachers dressed up in camouflage, tie-dye, brought stuffed animals and wore white to honor the victims of the Florida shooting. They also dressed up in mismatched clothes for chameleon day and as tourists. Seeing teachers and students dress up on the spirit days leading up the rally, built school pride  and showed involvement.

“Having all he teachers and everybody come down to be all dressed out makes all our rallies more enthusiastic and exciting,” Lopez said.

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