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Track’s running out of steam and quick!

Some of the sports at the school have had their numbers of players go down by a large margin this upcoming year. A few students have said that they don’t join a sport because they don’t have enough time, they don’t get cleared in time to play for the sport, they don’t have high enough grades to play,etc…. What most students don’t understand is that the grade requirement is only a 2.0 GPA, that for some sports they can get cleared after joining, and some sports do not take up that much time since they practice around 2 to 3 hours long depending on the sport. Students then do have enough time to do Homework and hang out with friends. One of the sports this year whose amount of members has gone done is track and field. Their numbers have gone down quite a bit since last year. This years track member have to fill up spaces by having to run double the amount events. Track has had a few new members this year but not like the last few years. Students are not joining the sport due to the lack of time they will have since the team practices every day from 3 to 5, it will leave them with less time for themselves or for homework.

“I was thinking of joining track but no, I thought I was going to have no time for doing Hw or do things I want to do” Carlos Maya (9) said.