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Senior Motivation

Senior events have been let down this year. From seniors not participating, to the events being planned inefficiently and students being biased on both sides is leading to a lack of senior spirit.

“Unfortunately, I feel like the senior class this year hasn’t really participated in anything and I feel like we’ve hardly had any events. With having a few months left, the senior representatives need to step up,” Esmeralda Mcfalls, 12, said.  

Students not wanting to show up to the events that senior representatives plan has been the main issue. Some students have been stubborn because past events have been a let down, for instance, Scream Zone at the Del Mar fairgrounds. Originally it was supposed to be a scary movie night but instead senior class president Joanna Rodriguez, 12 the event changed which lead to less than 10 people attending when more had agreed to go. The price of the event was $23 for three activities, with a student discount of $10, making a total of $59. Some students would agree that they prefer events that don’t have a charge to attend.

“Scream Zone is something you do with your friends, senior activities should be something way more exciting considering it’s our last year,” Oliva Albarran, 12, said.

The senior instagram account should . The purpose of the account is to get ideas generating throughout the whole class but yet no one ever seems to try and put any effort in that. Students need to stop complaining about the events and instead solve the problem by giving the events a chance and putting in ideas for events.