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When I’m sixty-four

Big in size and personality, Regional Occupation Program print and graphics teacher Wayne Fravel will soon be retiring his endless jokes and teaching career. After 20 years of teaching along with many other jobs, the time has come for rest and travel.

“You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to let “getting old” define who you are or what you do. I neither feel old nor do I intend to “act my age” in the area of attitude, however, the wisdom that comes with age is something to aspire too. It is a good time of life for me. I am planning on taking a rest-of-my-life kind of vacation!” said Fravel.

If someone would’ve told Fravel at the age 16 he would’ve finished his working years by teaching, he would’ve thought they were crazy. At that age,not only was Fravel thinking of dropping out but he was failing 3 classes. Threatened by an intimidating father, Fravel decided to continue pursuing his high school diploma instead of giving up everything he called home. After graduating he went on to the University of Santa Clara graduating with a degree in Economics. He later got involved in real estate, from which he discovered his life motto to never settle. This has lead him to to be constantly changing sceneries in the work aspect.

“He [Fravel] knows how to incorporate design into everyday things, which really helped me discover the love for this program” Classified Assistant Carlos Felix said.

Conveniently, Fravel ended up as the teacher of the ROP Print program along with his wife. At first taking the job as a sub with his own wife; he soon became a permanent teacher. By incorporating the skills he had gained as a traffic school teacher, the philosophy he took on teaching was different than those found in other classrooms. The three C’s he feels are important in education are: creativity, computers and communication. From his perspective these are the ever changing skills students should foster for the future. Having this foundation in mind; along with the skills up his sleeve from a past experience in a non-profit organization named Life Changes Academy, Inc. an organization that helped adults obtain their general education development along the option of completing their high school education. With such a  background like this; Fravel has been set up for a different form of teaching, a mindset that all his students are capable an will succeed in his class even if they do not have the natural ability

“One of my favorite things about Fravel is his ability to see the potential and talent in others, he’s extremely well in motivating students and getting them to believe in themselves”  CTTE print and graphics teacher, Aled Anaya said.