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Suicide Prevention Presentation

The counselors will work with the freshmen to combat typical mental issues. The counselors and social worker, Mayra Gonzalez, will team up with More Than Sad – a program founded by the the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention – that educates students, teachers and parents about mental health.They talked to freshmen about suicide prevention, showing them films about the warning signs of suicide. There will be a presentation given to the freshmen on April 10-13. The presentation will be given in the practice gym during their Physical Education class. Every year there is some sort of presentation given to students to inform them about mental health. Students will learn about what they can do to help those facing suicide by showing the symptoms and the proper approach to students with depression.

“By just talking about [suicide] and giving it more awareness, and teaching people about the resources that if them or someone they know or their friend ever feels that way, they know what to do,” counselor Melissa Allen said.