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Welcome future patriots


Parents and 8th graders are welcome to attend the Freshman Registration  night where parents and students chose the classes for their next year in education for 9th grade. The event is happening Tuesday April 17, 2018 starting at 4:00PM-8:00PM in the PAC, learning center, Main Gym and Practice Gym. There will be a slideshow presentation of what classes incoming freshman have to take and what electives there are. The event occurring is to help future Patriots pick the right classes for them when they attend in the fall. This will help them pick the electives that the students want to take.

“Eighth grade students basically get to come with their parents, to a presentation and fill out forms for their upcoming year. This will help students know what we have here at Orange Glen, and what classes are like. If students want to be in a program all four years, here is where they can sign up for that and achieve their participation in them,” Assistant Principal, Nate Reinking, said.

The night will be filled with information to help let the parents know and the incoming freshmen the requirements they need to graduate.