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Not going to prom?

Another school year, another prom dance but things have changed this school year. Many people have claimed that prom isn’t something that many look forward in high school anymore. Dinner, tickets, and something nice to wear, are all things required for prom. Money can be a problem, also not having a date or freshman and sophomores being eligible to go are things why people are not attending.

“ I think prom should be just for seniors because it’s like a tradition in a way. When you go to high school you see all the seniors go to prom and it’s something you want to look forward to during high school. Having prom be exclusive to seniors makes it feel special, it makes it different than any other day.” student , 12,  Aizik Meza said.

April can be a busy month for students, it’s full of plays , the spring showcase and competitions like colorguard, it lands on the day of prom. As does rehearsals for the showcase. This makes a lot of students stressed especially because it’s on the same day as prom and the competitions and rehearsals are mandatory. Tickets are $90 in total, and if you’re taking a date it doubles that. Many students don’t drive, especially since lower class man can go now this is also another problem many aren’t attending. Students can all have different opinions on why the new policies are fair or not. Allowing lower class men to go to prom can help raise money for prom and make prom better, if prom would just be for seniors then there wouldn’t be enough money for all the activities and food there is. Seniors from previous years felt like they didn’t have as much fun when they went because it wasn’t with their class this could be another reason why seniors may not be going this year.

“ Yeah I think it’s fair and it’s a good way to raise more money and make our prom better.  I don’t think prom should be just for seniors because if it were like that we probably wouldn’t get enough money to get the activities and food that we have  now” student, 12, Kenya Nunez said.

About 400 tickets were sold last year for prom, an estimate of 250 tickets were for seniors. The other 200 were juniors attending prom or guest who went with seniors and juniors. In, 2017 407 prom tickets were sold, and this year only 353 tickets were sold that is a 54 ticket difference.

“I like the venue better this year VS. last year, it was hard to get on and off the base last year. No drug bust this year, no accidents and everyone got home safe” Assistant Principal, Dave Mussatti said,

Mussatti wishes the prices were lower so students can attend prom. Next year he wants to see if students can get scholarships, donations, or the venues can work things out for more students to attend the next prom.