Lady patriots pass home & head to CIF

Berenice Zuniga, Staff writer

Coming back from six wins and 17 losses the softball team made it to the California Interscholastic Federation. The girls on the team spend 15 hours a week practicing to prepare for their games against their opponents. Recently they had a winning streak of six. The winning streak started when they played against Maranthana Christian on the fourth of Apr. with a final score of 32-13. Compared to the past years the softball team has made more play time.

“The girls have been working hard at practice to get better. Softball is a very difficult game and it takes consistent dedication to improve the skills necessary to compete [at] a high level. Their confidence is getting stronger along with their skills,” Coach Todd Marion said.

This season the softball team has been upping their game. The team has won 10 games and has lost six. The overall is better compared to 2018. According to Maxpreps a website that specializes in high school sports, the softball team has not had more than 10 wins in one season since 2005. In 2016 the softball team struggled. In 2017 former coach Joe Bracamonte was asked to join the coaching staff, and during that year the softball made significant gains in preparation and making progress in fundamentals. Last season the softball team game-knowledge and skills improved from the juniors and sophomores that were on the team in 2017.

“My freshman year we made a promise to each other that we would reach CIF and compete by our senior year. Ever since then, we worked extremely hard determined to achieve that goal and bring back the OG softball program’s former glory,” First Baseman Devon Miller, 11 said.

With multiple pitchers and a pitching coach, it has helped them kept reach this season. Players who have been playing since 2017 have the game-knowledge needed, and Bracamonte says from the games he has gone to the girls skills have improved. Since their skills have enhanced, they have benefited throughout this season. Four to five players have been changed to positions they have never played before. Coach Jeremy Hutchison says that with the constant laughing and jokes it is a balance of fun and work which is a recipe for success.  

“All in all, it seems this season has clicked for the lady patriots. It’s all coming together! I anticipate next season being the best one OG will have in the last decade,” Bracamonte said.