What makes the senior class different from the rest


Senior year is always hyped up to be the best year of high school — never freshman, sophomore or junior year. Seniors get the cool events, class merch and other rewards. The Senior Class Adviser Lea Heredia plans out events alongside Senior Class President Julian Garcia and Vice President Kara Eldred. Their Senior Leadership club even allows all seniors to participate and voice their opinions on how they can create the ideal senior year events.

“I want to be as original as I can [when planning events]. To be creative, listen to other peers and communicate with them to try and make this year awesome,” Garcia said.

The underclassmen also have presidents, vice-presidents and advisers but not any major events to bring them together. Underclassmen in the Associated Student Body are responsible for class skits, class posters and selling their food at the food fairs but nothing that sets the individual classes apart from each other.

“I really wish we could do more to make our classes unique. I don’t really like how we have to wait till our senior year just to go to cool events together,” Junior Class President Marina Habib, 11, said.

Seniors have the exclusive privilege of hosting events where members of the same graduation class can have fun together at events, which are meant to bring every senior closer together. However, if underclassmen had events it could have the same effect and make every year just as great.

“All four years would be awesome if we could have every grade host their own events. We plan out the senior events to do things seniors want to do. So I wonder why we don’t do the same for all grades,” Heredia said.