Foreign students visit part two

Continuing to build foreign relations, 41 second year students from Niigata Minami High School will visit on March 20-22. When the students arrive, there will be an opening ceremony that includes a performance from dance and an introduction from both school. Unlike last year’s visit they will have two buddies that accompany them to different classes and activities. Assistant Principal Jamie Lee plans to introduce the idea of connecting each school using Belouga, which allows the possibility of virtual exchanges.There are also plans to meet with Joseph Rewa who is planning a trip to Japan over summer. On their last day, the students will take a trip to the San Diego Safari Park and Beckman Center for Conservation Research. At the Beckman Center the students will be able to engage with conservation scientists and participate in hands-on activities.

“Students today are more connected, more mobile than any prior generation. It is imperative that students have opportunities to connect with their global neighbors because they will be working together in the future.” Lee said.