Deciding where the money is spent in EUHSD


According to The Notorious B.I.G., more money means more problems. But, with more than 85 percent of students living in poverty, Orange Glen is an example of what damage a lack of funds can have. While California may have one of the largest economies in the country, it is nowhere near the top in terms of funding public education.

For example, The Escondido Union High School District will receive about $7,000 per pupil for daily attendance this year. That is less than half of the $17,000 New York will on average spend per pupil. Even though students and teachers can’t do much about those numbers, what they can do is have influence over decisions with money we do get.

“If a student really wants to make a change, they have nothing stopping them,” EUHSD Student Board Member from Del Lago Academy Arturo Velasco, 12, said.

The EUHSD Board of Education i an elected group of people that are responsible for discussing and deciding things that happen in the district. When it comes to money-related decisions, there are many parties involved. The school board has to approve things like field trip and big purchases, but administrators at the schools have to endorse expenses before the board even discusses. Principle Stacey Adame is an example of one of these administrators, and she has been open with what her priorities are when she makes most decisions, so bringing up a concern and problem to her attention is always a good step.

“My first priority is always the students,” Adame said.

For all the federal and state money the district receives to spend on it is students, most students and parents are left in the dark not knowing how that money is being used. Students and parents can always address something to Adame and they can participate in board meetings at the district. A student could even be a member of the board and have more influence in decisions for everyone else. None of this is possible though without students who are aware of what’s going on and are willing to participate. Meetings are every 1st Tuesday of the month starting at 7 p.m. at the District Service Center on 302 N. Midway Dr.

“It all starts with a student wanting to make a difference, or else nothing happens,” Adame said.