Pause has students on stuck

Students working of their E2020 courses will have to take a quick pause during school breaks due to the Auto progression setting not being available any more. Students are wondering if the setting will ever be brought back.


Putting a pause on progress learning center students are stuck during the breaks without auto progress. Auto progress lets the student who have an online course on Edgenuity work faster over breaks and they don’t have to wait for their teachers to bypass test or to unlock test for them. Learning center students are wondering why auto progress is no longer available for them to use over the breaks.
The first change the district had for the learning center students was that they couldn’t take topic test at home anymore, the students had to wait to be in class to start their test. Teachers have designated testing computers for students to use if they have a topic test or unit test. Quizzes can be taken from their seats but their computers are being monitored.
“If my teacher doesn’t get to me in time to by pass all my test then I’m going to have to wait and I won’t get as much progress done over break as I could. I think the reason they did it was to stop cheaters over break but It’s easy to tell if someone is cheating with auto progress,“ Digital Citizenship,Dominic Deates, 12, said.
Learning Center teachers think it’s a positive change and gives the teacher a fair assessment of student knowledge of the course. There are no other changes being made at this time. Students can still work in their classes and are able to move along, because the teacher bypasses the topic test ahead of time, students can take topic test when they return to school. There is no plans of the auto progress being available for students in the future. The district thought it would be better to let students continue the same protocol as during class time.
“The online program wants to align more with campus course philosophy. Students may work on classes during the break. Topic test, which are a large percentage of the grade must be taken in the online classrooms to be consistent.” Learning center coordinator Gail Cavanaugh said.
Auto progression is a setting in Edgenuity that can stop students from becoming locked over holidays when they score below 70% on quizzes. When the auto progression is turned off (Mondays-Fridays) students have to ask their teachers to bypass their topic test. According to the learning center teachers they want prevent any cheating to happen.
“Teachers get concerned when a student’s grade falls so teachers don’t use autoprogression for that reason. Students know that as long as they score 70% or better on quizzes, Auto progression is not necessary,” Director Educational Technology Damon Blackman said.
“It is a positive change, and gives the teacher a fair assessment of student knowledge of the course. We have found over the years, that it has made very little difference to student progress” Cavanaugh said.