Money is what students want

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Money is what students want

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Even Though students don’t attend a private school, their are still other fees that need to covered other than tuition. Some of these expenses are senior portraits, class ring, dances, college entrance exams, college applications, prom, yearbook, and grad night.  Senior year could be considered to be the most expensive year, since it is the the last year of high school and the majority of students are trying to make it count.

Being a senior has been overwhelming for Liliana Valle, 12, as it has for many other students, especially since it could get very expensive will all the expenses seniors have, such as purchasing AP exams, prom, graduation, senior package, grad night and other. Having a job to be able to pay for all your expenses could be very helpful on your parents.

“I pay for all my personal expenses. I try to waste my money only on important things, such as exam fees, gas, and other bills, and ever since I got my job I never ask my parents for money anymore,” Valle, said.

Not all parents are able to afford all of these expenses that is why students decide to get a job. Students from all grades also begin getting jobs for other  reasons, such as, to buy a car, get experience, or start becoming independent. Making the decision to get a job isn’t just showing up for your shift, but it’s also figuring out how you’re going to manage your time to do homework, especially if your taking honors or advanced placement classes. Raul Chavez, 12, works at Jack in the Box and is also enrolled in advanced classes. Right after school he goes to work, does his homework at night and tries to hang out with his friends on the weekends when he isn’t working.  

“Taking advanced classes and having a job could be a hassle because I have a shift to cover, homework to done, tests to be studied for, and a life to live,” Chavez said.

As students get older and older, more responsibilities come, and learning how to manage work, school and their social life may be difficult. For those students that are willing to take the challenge there are many different options.  Companies such as McDonalds, Six Flags, Chick Fil A, Baskin Robbins, California Pizza Kitchen and many others will hire teenagers under 18 years of age. In order to get a job you must present a work permit that’s been issued through the Escondido School District. There are limits working at 15 years of age such as working only limited hours.

Students have had several jobs and are still on the search to finding somewhere where they feel comfortable. Complaining about their jobs is typical because you might dislike your co workers, have a bossy manager, rude clients, but it is important for you to be well informed of the child labor laws, just in case you are a victim of it. If your job isn’t what you expected it is okay to quite before anything gets out of hand. Make sure that the next job you get, meets all your expectations, because it’s better to be stable in one job, as overtime you could get a raise or a higher position.

“I used to work at Rue21, they never gave me good hours because they didn’t have enough money to schedule me and when they did it was only me and my manager so i’d do all the store work, and my manager would would do manajer work, which was very overwhelming,” Anita Bluing, 10, said.

Bluing started her first job at  Rue 21, she claims to have been excited to have gotten this job, but as the time passed by, she realized that it was nothing like what she expected it to be. That is when she decided to quit her job and start looking for a better place where they would value her more. After a couple months, she was offered a job at Mi Guadalajara, a mexican restaurant, and she right away accepted.