Save money, study, travel and enjoy

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Save money, study, travel and enjoy

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Traveling could be a great way to broaden your horizons, by learning new cultures, languages, and improving your social and communication skills. Partnering with Education First Educational Tours (EFT) has helped made prices more affordable. Going on vacation with your whole family could get very expensive, and that is why the school has provided a trip to Japan so that parents could send their child. The costs vary depending on where the trip is destined to. The fee includes, hotel, transportation, breakfast, and dinner.  

Many students have had experiences with school trips like these from middle school or from other clubs. Karen Luna, 12, will be graduating this year from high school, and she chose to have this trip rather than a graduation party. This is her parents gift to her, and she couldn’t be more excited.

“Since I don’t have a job, then I didn’t want to make my parents spend too much on me so I decided that I wanted to go on the trip to Japan rather than having a graduation party, ” said Luna.

Although these trips could be expensive for some, there are many ways for students to still be able to afford it. Getting a job on the weekend and during break, could help you save up money a lot faster. Another option is to ask for this trip instead of a graduation party or a sweet 16. Making a Gofundme account could make it easier for your other family members to donate especially since it is for educational purposes. Getting a job doesn’t mean you have to go apply somewhere, it could be as easy as walking your neighbors dogs, babysitting, or doing others makeup. Saving up money could be helpful on your parents and make it easier for them to send you on this trip.

“As soon as I heard about this trip, I was very interested so I talked to my parents about it, it was hard to convince them, but I finally did, and I am very excited now,” Kevin Lam, 12, said.

If money isn’t the problem, but your parents are overprotective, then they could come too. The trip is open to parents to come as well. If your parent isn’t able to attend, they shouldn’t worry because this trip is very safe. Their will be other parents coming along, which means more chaperones other than the teachers. The trips are open to all grades.

“My parents are very supportive on paying for my trips because they want to give me the opportunity to meet new places,” Natasha Hills, 11, said.

Some students already have experience from traveling with other clubs such as Hills that went to Puerto Rico this year with Crew Club. She plans on continuing to travel next year as a senior, and then more in college.