Quest For Valedictorian


Working hard your four years of high school may give you the opportunity to be in the Honor Circle and possibly the chance to say farewell to your fellow classmates, friends and family on graduation day. A Valedictorian is given the honor of presenting a graduation speech to their schoolmates, friends and family. In order to receive the title of Valedictorian a student must achieve the statute of being the highest rank in their graduating class.

“I worked hard my four years in high school and it’s paying off because I made it into the honor circle and I’m making my parents proud,” Roberto Reyes, 12, said.

The student with the second highest overall G.P.A. is crowned the Salutatorian. Not only is the highest ranking student given the honor of giving a speech but the Salutatorian is also given the same privilege. Traditionally the Salutatorian gives the opening speech and the Valedictorian gives the farewell speech, farewell to high school/college.

Traditionally the Honor Circle is the top ten in the senior circle but this year administration has changed the format and more students will be given the chance to join the Honor Circle. Each student in the circle will submit a speech and two of them will be selected to present them.

This year the Honor Circle will consist of 15 students.

The highest G.P.A. a student can get is a 5.0 that is if a student takes six advanced placement classes. Respective to the size of the graduating class, there is multiple students who could potentially become the Valedictorian or Salutatorian. Receiving either of those positions is a competition between classmates, a competition that drags out through four years of high school.

“The speech felt like perfect closure for my time at OG, it was obviously a great honor to be able to talk to my classmates on such an important day in our lives,” Tabatha Belshee, class of 2016 Valedictorian, said.