Sprinting towards the goal


Rashad Prince has a tenacity that gives him an edge over other runners. With the talent to match his hard work, he collects accolades almost every time he races.
“Winning is my favorite thing about running, I just love how feels,” Rashad Prince stated.
His priority is set on winning to get the euphoric feeling he wants. To him racing is a form of meditation he solely focuses on one thing and forget the rest of his responsibilities.
“I just feel like I’m at my best when I run, everything else in the world isn’t there. The race is all that matters,” Rashad Prince stated.
He participates in sports all year, cross country in the fall, basketball in the winter, and track in the spring. One thing that is common among all these sports is that they have a fundamental basis of running and or sprinting. Even while participating in the sports outside of track he is still indirectly helping his track skills.
Balancing this physical workload with school can be challenging especially when it comes to excelling at both. However Rashad is an example of the balance and dedication needed to be a great student athlete. Taking on multiple Advanced Placement courses challenges him further than, most students that may only take the college readiness courses.
“Rashad is amazing always goes right for it, he’s always involved and asking questions,” stated AP statistics teacher Gayle Kovacevic. The focus and pride Rashad carries at school is comparative to what he shows on the track. He currently has a 4.0 grade point average while balancing that well with track. He enjoys singing as a pastime, it’s a way to loosen up from the pressure he puts on himself. However with singing he does it solely for fun so he doesn’t mind a mediocre output. With the season wrapping up soon he is expected to win league,and go to CIF.