We have decided to take a more modern approach and said goodbye to our original look. Surely we’ll miss the classic format but as time changes, we should too. For over 50 years, the Musket has used the good old-fashioned newspaper. In 2018, we added an online component, but now we’re making another change to our platform: a magazine. The 2018-2019 year has been an eventful one, our achievements reflect how far we’ve come and so we want to put out content that, in turn, reflects that progress.

However, we’re not the only ones at school that have strayed from the norm. Every fall and winter sport has something that we believe they should be proud of. Everything from our varsity football team making it to the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) finals for the first time in our school’s history, to marching band placing into the California State Band Championships (CSBC) finals. We’ve set a high standard for Personal Responsibility in Developing Excellence.
We take PRIDE in our work and we want the Musket to be something people eagerly read and talk about. When the school’s first newspaper ran in the 1960s, its purpose resonated throughout the years and still remains the same. Originally printing during the 1960s, when people were fighting to have their voices heard and justice for all, the first issue set the standard. Today, we still face many of the same issues regarding equality, but there has been change. We’ve progressed since then and will continue to in order reach our goals.
Nothing will match the feeling that comes with getting ink from a fresh issue on our hands, but it’s a sacrifice we’ll have to live with. Change is natural and whether it be good or bad, it’s something new and open to many more possibilities. We plan on pioneering this new format to be more interactive and creative with our content. Our job as journalists remains the same but the way in which we display our product will surely change over time, as it has in recent year. However, we promise to always do our best to tell your stories, to bring up problems often overlooked and amplify the unheard voices of the student body.
There are many things that set this particular school year apart from the rest. One of the most significant changes is the revival of the term “PRIDE”. It’s not just some word painted on the side of the school’s main gym, it’s our purpose as Patriots. It’s a promise to not just settle for decency, but instead keep improving upon ourselves until we reach our full potential and succeed. We’ll keep fighting till the end and know that, no matter the outcome, we gave it our all and will always be back for more.
History is being made all over campus this year, and you’re the ones making it. Let’s keep fighting on and show that this is only the start. The year is far from over and we are nowhere near being finished.
Our goal, as the Musket staff, is to tell the stories of others and their achievements, hardships and outrage. We are the voice for the voiceless, but this is not our publication. It belongs to you just as much as it does to us, so we welcome you to the Musket.

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