Andrea Cardoso
Andrea Cardoso is a senior, who has decided to join Musket for the first time. She was born Jan 10, 2001 in Escondido California. She went to Orange Glen Elementary, but moved to Mexico in 2011, because her dad got deported. After living 4 years in mexico, she decided to move back to Escondido because she wanted to get a better education and become a doctor, since in Mexico teachers only care about getting paid and don’t care about the students’ education. Coming here was the best option for her to pursue her dreams. She currently is living with her aunt, but her parents are still in Mexico.

Outside of school Cardoso plays basketball. Last year she was on the girls varsity basketball team and plans to join this year again. Cardoso spends her free time at the mall, starbucks, or at home watching netflix. She is currently taking Advanced Placement Calculus and literature and Human Anatomy Honors, so her free time is limited because she has to study or do homework. She’s also in Musket, not only because she needs her visual and performing credit, but she also believed that Musket will help boost her confidence up and get to express herself through her stories.

Andrea Cardoso, Staff Morale Chair

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