Arlin Chezka ✓
This is Arlin’s second year on staff. She is currently a sophomore and is still trying to find out what she wants to do in the future. Arlin was born in the Philippines on Aug. 19 and came to America when she was about five years old. She has lived in San Diego County for approximately 10 years. In third grade, she lived in Virginia due to her mom being in the military and after, went back to California. During her middle school years, Arlin went to two different schools. For sixth grade, she attended a school in Mira Mesa. The next two years, she attended Hidden Valley after her family moved to Escondido.

At the moment, Arlin enjoys occasionally reading books or manga, drawing and just thinking. She also likes playing around with her sister, with a side-dish of teasing. Arlin enjoys being on staff. She may not really like some of the stressful bits, but the people and the environment are always there for her. Arlin is not entirely sure what she will do in the future, but being so staff she has gained experience and is slowly finding her path. Her goals right now is to be a little bit more confident and overthink less even though sometimes that may seem unavoidable. She hopes to be able to find out what she wants to do later on, but for now, she’s kind of exploring.

Arlin Sese, Assistant Editor

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